RNA bowl vibrator
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Bowl vibrators

  • 50Hz and 100Hz
  • Also pneumatic drive units
  • Stepless speed adjustment
  • In diameters of 65 mm - 1200 mm
  • Customer applications
  • Sound protections

High quality RNA-bowl vibrators are the top of the line in orientation of small parts. The bowl vibrators can be delivered to customers either as components or modified applications for specific needs.

RNA linear
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RNA - Linear vibrators

  • 50Hz and 100Hz
  • Stepless speed adjustment
  • Track lengths of 100 mm - 3000 mm
  • Coated with flock, if needed
  • As a new product SLL 175-175-vibrators

From a large range of RNA-linear vibrators one can find options for many kinds of applications in conveying and feeding of small parts and powdery substances. The linears can be delivered either as components or with customized tracks.

RNA prefeeder
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RNA - Prefeeders

  • For bowl vibrators
  • With the volumes of 5 l - 350 l
  • Vibrator and belt operated
  • With a level control sensor

RNA-prefeeders decrease the need to refill a bowl vibrator and thus improve the independent operation of an automation line. Sensor controlled prefeeder keeps the amount of parts in a bowl vibrator on an optimal level for its operation.

belt conveyor
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RNA - Belt conveyors

  • Belt widths of 10 mm - 400 mm
  • Stepless speed adjustment
  • Stand / railing, if needed

RNA-belt conveyors are available in different lengths, belt widths and with different belt materials according to customers' needs and wishes. If there is need, the conveyors can be equipped with stands and railings.

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RNA - Controllers

  • For the stepless adjustment of bowl and linear vibrators
  • Voltage controllers with 1 or 2 channels and with or without a sensor input
  • Voltage and frequency controllers

RNA-controllers are designed for operating RNA-bowl and linear vibrators. The range of products includes several options with different features to meet different needs.