Vibrator motors and components

electric side vibrator motor

OMB - Electric vibrator motors

  1. For handling of loose and powdery materials
    • feeding
    • emptying
    • loosening
    • conveying
    • screening
    • cleaning
    • testing

  2. Betonin tiivistys

Motor vibrators are versatile components and due to our large selection, many problems in material flow can be solved with them. The applications include silos, conveyors, screens, concrete molds and vibratory beams. Several special models that haven't been listed in the catalogues are available; ask for further information!

magnetic vibrator
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OMB - Small electric motor and magnetic vibrators

  1. Motor vibrators
    • The vibrating force adjustable with centrifugal weights

  2. Magnetic vibrators

The small motor and magnetic vibrators have been designed for applications, where the mass and the volume of the substance being fed are relatively small. Applications include small silos, laboratory equipment and leveling of paper blocks. The vibrators are designed for continuous use.

vehicle vibrator
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OMB and Global - Vehicle vibrators

  1. Electric vibrators
    • 12 / 24 VDC

  2. Hydraulic vibrators

Vehicle vibrators are available in electric and hydraulic versions and they can be used in vehicles and loaders, for example for making emptying of scoops and scaffolds easier.

pneumatic vibrator

Pneumatic vibrators

  1. With a rotating mass
    • Ball vibrators
    • Roll vibrators
    • Turbine vibrators

  2. With a linear mass
    • Piston vibrators

Because of their hygienic qualities, reliability and low noise pneumatic vibrators are especially suitable for the needs of medical and victuals industry. All pneumatic vibrators can be adjusted steplessly and they are delivered with pneumatic connectors and silencers.

side hammer vibrator

Pneumatic hammers

  1. For loosening material in
    • Silos
    • Pipes
    • Ducts

  2. h3 impact force even with low pressure
    • Recommended pressure 5 bar

Pneumatic hammers are especially suitable for applications, where strong sharp impact is needed instead of a higher frequency vibration.