Superminor SMR Rollwasch
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Superminor SMR
Professional Rumbler

  • circular vibratory machines for the mass surface treatment
  • 12 - 120 liter capasity
  • for treatments without and with water

Minor XS Rollwasch
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Minor XS and
Minor XS PRO
versatile machines

  • QUALITY LABORATORY ISO-9001 controls (endurance test, wearing test, anti-shock test, corrosion test, etc)
  • DENTAL TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY dental prosthesis finishing, polishing, paste and wax traces removal, etc.
  • JEWELLERY, COSTUME JEWELLERY brightening and polishing, stone processing.
  • INDUSTRY surface finishing of small batches of the following articles: high precision, medical, prosthesis/surgery, electronics, watches, micro-components, micro-casting, fine-shearing, etc.

Rollwasch Disc Finishing rdf
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Rollwasch Disc Finishing
high precision finishing

  • For high precision finishing
  • Reliability of the mechanics
  • Quick in carrying out the finishing
  • Series of accessories

Orbital Rollwasch
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  • operating simplicity: hand operated loading and unloading
  • vertical monobloc type vibrating motors
  • possibility of angular and eccentric adjustments
  • a door for the total unloading of the contents

Sicor Rollwasch
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  • for the mass drying treatment of the surfaces
  • with semiautomatic extraction and separation of the dried pieces
  • possible to carry out continuous drying cycles

Softsiever Rollwasch
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Softsiever RW3 series
quality finishing

  • reliability
  • innovative
  • use convenience
  • first class mechanics

Pioneer Rollwasch
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The simple machine

  • for mass surface treatments
  • extreme working simplicity
  • hand operated loading and unloading
  • possibility to divide the tank in compartments

Rollwasch Spin Finishing RSP
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Rollwasch Spin Finishing

  • control board
  • efficient
  • practical barrels