Vibratec Oy

"Profit and efficiency with vibration technology"

Vibratec Oy is a company specializing in vibration technology and industrial automation. Our main products are special applications fitted for our customers' needs.

Our range of products includes:

  • feeding of small parts, orientation and positioning devices such as bowl and linear feeders, bottle capping devices, screwdrivers, belt conveyors and vibrating finishing machines
  • vibrating feeders/screens/tables and silo unpackers for granular and powdery materials
  • frequency converters, poker vibrators and casting vibrators for concrete industry
  • direct current and hydraulic vibrators for vehicular use


The imported vibrator components are well known brands and market leaders and the special applications are mostly made in Finland. We have over thirty years of experience at our disposal. With these factors and small overall costs we can guarantee that the machinery we deliver are competitive and reliable in use.


Our main principles are good customer care, confidentiality, reliability in all areas and customer satisfaction. Many of our customers are well known Finnish companies. A part of our products are also imported directly or indirectly.

Toimitilat Kiteen Kytänniemessä


Vibratec's up-to-date facilities in Kitee were built during 2003. The new building offers good spaces for designing, production, maintenance and storaging. We have highly trained personnel, CAD-based 3D-engineering programs and modern production equipment.

Delivery, storage and service

Our large and versatile storage of vibrator components guarantees fast delivery times. We also offer maintenance and spare parts services for the products we deliver.

Contact Us:

Vibratec Oy
Niittytie 4
82500 KITEE
Puh: 013-412730
GSM: 050-5501976
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